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Rebbe David Zvi Rosenbaum blesses the jewelries crafted by Ilanit  Brosh

Faith is one of the most important moving forces in our life. Sometimes, a leap of faith can go a long way, especially when expressed by a holy man. Ilanit Brosh creates jewelry as part of her calling to help people find their soul mates and improve their lives. This task may be even more difficult for young Jewish women who are seeking not only a suitable partner, but also the ability to create a home according to the religion of Moses, and pass on the heritage of the Hebrew people.

Soul mate rings, as well as other jewelry created by Ilanit Brosh, are aimed at bringing together the souls who were meant to be together. Her devotion to the preservation of the Jewish people by mutual, eternal love was acknowledged and approved by the great Rebbe David Zvi Rosenbaum, who read a special blessing over Ilanit's jewelry, thus making it even more influential in the mystical world that lies beyond the perception of our senses.


The Rebbe has created a hand-written prayer addressed to all those who are seeking love and purchase Ilanit's creations to help materialize their heart's calling. The prayer is addressed to the future owners of the jewelry (not only the rings, but also the pendants and other works of Ilanit Brosh) and says: "May the spirit of God lay upon you and turn you into a different person" (taken from the Torah - Chapter 10, verse 1 in the Book of Samuel).


Additionally, the Rebbe has blessed the jewelry, wishing that each and every future one of the owners of the jewelry be blessed with a suitable match, joy and happiness, a fruitful marriage and happiness.

"I hereby bless the jewelry created by Ilanit Brosh, who has the Spirit within her and all she seeks is helping others. I bless all the owners of the jewelry to see the improvement they seek in their perspective lives. I bless all the jewelry with the power of our ancestors to bring prosperity and success in all their doings. As it says in the Torah: May all the curses be removed from you and make you a new man."

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