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I'm Ilanit, since I was very young I've been a jewelry maker, creating hand-made blessed jewelry, directly from my heart and soul.

I am often asked what blessed jewelry is. Well, here is the story that explains it all.


Every human being has its destination. From a very early age I learned that I was gifted with channeling abilities – I just see and hear things that look very clear to me, revealing some truths of life to other people.  

I'm not sure I can explain 'how it works', it's been many years now that my abilities were proven time and time again on a daily basis. It has never failed me. Many individuals consult with me, and I even got a weekly segment in a TV show with national coverage in Israel.  


One day back in 2004 I had a dream about a ring, a Soulmate Ring that helps people find their life partner. Since that day I have been creating Soulmate Rings and helping people all over the globe in the pursuit to find happiness.

The Soulmate Ring, as well as my channeling abilities, already got their track record with many success stories.

Furthermore, it has echoed with great impact by media coverage in some newspapers and web portals – described as 'majestic success'.


From my life experience, I am aware that it's irrational to expect people to immediately connect to it, but I welcome you to try it like many others have before. One thing you can count on – there is much more to gain from putting aside the skepticism than simply giving away this opportunity for you or your loved one.


With love, Ilanit.

Buy yourself or your loved one a Soulmate Ring

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